Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vacation Day #6

Josh let me sleep until 8:25 - no idea what happened before that. However when I got up, Ella had learned to brush her hair. 

Bagels at home then off to Ocean City to explore the boardwalk. Josh has been once before with college friends but I'd never been. 

We got free parking, yahoo!!

It was fun to walk around (and people watch). Ella loves the water, sand, and birds so she wanted to walk up on the wall to have a better view. 

I thought the rental locations right on the water were awesome. I would love to wake up every morning and have my coffee watching the ocean. Retirement dream. 

There had previously been a sand sculpting competition, these works were breathtaking. 

Last Supper:

Noah's Ark:

Getting some rest in the shade: 

And some more Kohr Bros, strawberry this time. 

Our navigator for the day: 

All tuckered out:

Home (25 minute drive) for lunch and naps for 3. She ended up napping with Josh today - not quite sure what is going on with naps but hopeful we get back on schedule at home.

We went over to the beach around 4 and stayed until 7. The guys played pattleball and dove into the waves. Ella rubbed sand all over my legs and have me a great spa exfoliation treatment. 

Watching the water with my sweet girl: 

Tomorrow is our last day, can't believe it's over so quickly. 

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  1. Love seeing all these blog posts!!! Love E's purple shoes! So adorable.