Sunday, August 17, 2014

Living Treasures - with Friends

Last week I noticed we had a day with 0% chance of rain. These are a thing of great rarity in Western PA - so we decided to head to Living Treasures. Happily - our sweet friends were able to join.

Per usual - Ella was most interested In picking up feed off the ground - but as the day went on - she grew more interested in feeding the animals. A first for her as she is usually afraid. 

Picking up feed by the birds: 

Picking up feed by the kangaroos; 

Actually interested in the little deer: 

Not interested in the leopard:

LOVED the goats: 

The fake turtle was a big hit: 


She liked the thought of feeding the giraffe - which would bring him over to us, but then she would get shy, and leave me with no carrot and a very long giraffe tongue above me! :( 

It was a great day and I finally got these name cards for the girls' rooms! :)

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