Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vacation Day #7

Our last day here :( 

We packed up a little in the morning to start getting our stuff together. 

Then off to Bethany Beach to walk and collect shells. Looking for shells is one of my favorite things - I find it so peaceful. I'm going to add a few ocean related items to Evelyn's room, so we all added shells for a room craft for her. Ella's collected shells are the most precious. 

We bought our obligatory trip souvenirs - sweatshirts for Josh and me, a Christmas ornament, and a stuffed animal for Ella. Her animal choice: 

Back home for lunch and nap - today she made it through without waking up in tears!

Off to the beach for the last time. Ella's transportation to the beach: 

Josh and Ella playing in the sand while I read my next book, The Kite Runner. 

The highlight of the beach today was the spotting of 3 dolphins. I looked up and saw them 30-40 feet out from the shore just swimming along. I saw them come up 3 times before they were gone. 

Josh grilled chicken and corn for dinner. Ella going for 1 last spin in the living room swivel chairs: 

We packed most of our stuff and then played a few games together. 

Overall, we never saw a drop of rain and only had 1 "stinky" diaper (as Ella calls them) at the beach. That's what I call a successful beach trip! 

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