Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation Day #2

Ella (and therefore we) woke up at 6:45. It was chilly but gorgeous. We had a restful morning of coffee and breakfast and then started out for the beach. I was a little scattered trying to assemble our beach bag for the week but we made it by 10am. 

We found an empty beach and 7-foot waves. We could barely get our chairs to stay up in the sand before the wind knocked them over. 

Ella played in the sand (at the end of all our stuff so the wind would carry her sand away from us). Sometimes she would proudly dig up a shovel full of sand only to have the wind clean it out before she could dump it in the bucket.

We only lasted until 10:45. 

We went out to Off the Hook for lunch. I had a chicken blue crab sandwhich: amazing. Josh tried his first-ever fish tacos. Also wonderful, but caused an allergic reaction. 

So back to the house, out to get Benedryl, and then naps for all 3. 

After nap we felt much better and walked over to the beach. We stayed for about two hours. Ella chased birds and played in the sand. Still a little afraid of the water. 
The waves were much smaller. 

We headed home and hung out while Collin grilled the ribs. We had a late dinner of ribs and corn. Ella had us all laughing with her fake laugh. She would sit back in her chair and belt out this fake goofy laugh, I love her. 

After Ella went to bed we played Bezzerwizzer, a trivia game, and made s'mores! 

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