Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vacation Day #1

After the drive and check-in we arrived at our home for the week! 

Here is the link for our rental:

We drove around to scope out the area, poked our heads into Maryland. Had dinner at Grottos, a pizza place. We all enjoyed it, Ella loved dipping her crust in blue cheese dressing and licking it off!

We got her excess energy out by watching the waterfall at a nearby mini golf place. 

We stopped by to check out our private beach, Middlesx Beach. 

Deserted and windy: 

Family shot: 

On our way back to the house, I pulled out the big guns from my Ella-activity bag - a book with real pages! A first for Ella. I don't think she even looked at the pictures, just felt the pages! :) 

If you give a Pig a a Pancake. 

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  1. Have a great vaca!! Rather impressed that you all have coordinating outfits in your beach selfie...especially after a long drive with a toddler!