Thursday, September 25, 2014

ALL the colors day #4

Today we added a few new activities to our effort to learn the colors. 

I used my laminated fish bowls for a color sorting activity. Luckily as I've never given her goldfish before - she didn't try and eat the goldfish until I told her she could at the end. 

The only hiccup being that the yellow and orange are really close in color and she had issues sorting those. She nailed the red and green ones!! 

Her favorite part: "Can you find a red one and eat it?" Oh boy - did she get yellow and orange straight for that! :)

We worked on colors with this awesome ($1) yardsale find. Ella wasn't a huge fan of this - but after all - nothing was edible. 

Ella found a new hiding place in the kitchen. She took her coloring in there. Honestly, I'm surprised it took us 22 months!

One more eating/sorting activity. I used M&Ms and paint sample chips. When I laid out the colors, she correctly answered red, I got so excited she also called orange "red". She then got yellow and blue correct as well. 

I only let her have 3 of each color and at the end, I ate 1 of each, so only a total of 10 for Ella. She barely made it through the first few before she tried to start eating. I was able to get her to hold off until the end. By the end of me asking her to eat a specific color - she shoved them in two-by-two. 

My favorite was when she started flipping over the M&Ms so the "M"s were showing. 

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