Saturday, September 13, 2014

Potty Training Day 2

Ugg. Today I did not wake up excited, not one bit. Apparently, not Ella either; she slept until 8:20. 

Keeping the same concept - hoping consistency will pay off - but adding some new concepts. 

First seems futile (but hey, yesterday was a giant waste, so I'm on a roll). I've got one baby with dry undies, the other one wet. One will get to play and get a treat, the other gets to change her undies. I think I'll have dry baby also tinkle on the potty and then, obviously, so crazy clapping etc! 

2nd tactic: JUICE, juice, juice, juice. I'm not a fan of sugary drinks and I felt like we drank a lot yesterday but really only 4 accidents and one pee during nap - so I'm shooting for more opportunities (aka, more accidents).

Here we go again! 

After breakfast I did the baby doll situation - she didn't seem to get it. We touched the dry and wet undies - no concern. Baby with dry undies went on the potty - not impressed. 

We went from 8:45 until 10 with no success or accidents. 

We had a church event, and I wasn't planning to take her out in the middle of training, but the whole thing has basically been a wash - so off we went (in a pull up). It was nice to get out and not sit on the bathroom floor reading books. 

Back home for lunch. We put her on the potty, nothing. Pull up for nap time. I'm resting and deciding if I quit or push on after nap time. 

Ella got up at 3:45 - so we resumed potty training at 4. She sat for 15 minutes and now we are outside playing. A good change of pace but risky. 

2 dry undies checks, came in and sat, nothing. Two more checks, came in to sit. I was starting to feel like she was thinking the potty was her new reading chair, and was discouraged with no progress yet. I left her on the potty and went to talk through quitting with Josh. 

We had decided she wasn't getting it and we needed to wait. On my way back into the house to get a diaper she came waddling out of the bathroom. She said "All done." I laughed and walked to the bathroom to get her a treat for sitting - only to hear the potty singing!!! (There are little metal buttons on the bottom that sing when wet). 

I seriously lost it. Jumping up and down, screaming, tickling Ella, yelling for Josh - you name it! 

That was 5:35 - our first success!!!!! 

1 more dry undie check. Then at 6, for the first time ever, she asked to go potty. We sat - nothing. 6:15 she asked again - nothing. Dinner. Then after dinner she was coloring on the kitchen floor with Josh. Between the two of us we asked every 3 minutes if she had to tinkle - always "no". 

At 7:30 she peed on the floor - and it didn't phase her one bit. Josh asked twice if her undies were dry (that's what we ask at dry undie checks) before she thought about it and said "no". And then even after that she just wanted to sit and color. 

We put her in bed at 7:45, confused about next steps. 

1 success and only 1 accident, but she was in a pull up basically from 10-3:45 between our church event and nap. I was hopeful after she started to ask to go to the potty but Josh and I both agree her accident after dinner didn't phase her. 

Josh is really to quit and start again in a few months - I'm not so sure yet. This has been so emotionally draining, that I do definitely want to quit - but I really don't want to do this again with a new baby around either (not that sitting on the bathroom floor for 2 hours a day at 7 months pregnant has been fun). 

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