Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quilt Progress

I've continued to work on the quilt ( for Evie. (I allow myself only an hour during nap time). 

I cut all the strips into squares. 5.5x5.5 inches. This took 1 hour exactly! My time limit during nap time definitely motivates me! 

Then I laid them all out. The first row took probably 5 minutes as I tried to figure out the pattern but after that it was a breeze. 

Today I started sewing the rows together. I'm working through it diagonally (so starting in the lower left corner and going towards the top right rather than doing a tradition row from top to bottom). 

I was able to sew half of the quilt front today. (I know it isn't really half because I still have to cut the final project, back it, and bind it - but the progress still feels great!)

I didn't use any pins on the entire project until I started sewing the completed quilted rows together. I used pins because it's really important to be maticulous where the chevron points meet - otherwise the finished project won't be crisp. 

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