Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NH Trip

Ella and I flew home for a few days last week to attend a sweet high school friend's wedding. Since it was Ella's last time flying free before she turns two, we extended the trip a bit to see family. 

Ella loves my parents, Bo and Gram. Or Mema as she now calls my mom. They always have fun toys and adventures in store for her. 

Playing with Bo's golf balls: 

Loving the coloring table, or rather handing people crayons and encouraging you to color with that crayon. 

Massive train communities: 

Playing with her uncles' tanks and ninja turtles. (Using their swords as q-tips):

Horse rides: 

Experiencing her first ever pumpkin. Grown by Bo: 

Celebrated Christmas early with a singing manger scene: 

Sneaking some of Bo's breakfast: 

More work on colors: 

Dinner out: 

Playing with cousins: 
Ella and Danny plan their escape:

Snuggles with 4-month old Timmy: 

Here are some wedding pics. 

Naomi's dress was gorgeous and she was just beaming. Ella kept pointing at Naomi and saying "bride". :)

The wedding-ring-search party: (the adorable ring bearer dropped them in the way down the field) They were found after only a few moments. 

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