Monday, September 15, 2014

Red Week - Day 1

Today we started learning about the color red. 

Of course, we are wearing red: (Thanks, Gram, for both of our shirts.) 

What better fruit to have at breakfast? 

What do you on your first day of freedom after a failed potty training attempt? Run errands! 

Library to pick out books to help learn about red: 

My first laminating trip: 

Home Depot to get paint for Ella's new room. And to get a few red paint swatches. 

Hugging the dog at Old Navy. On our way out, she kissed it 6 times, oh my germs!!

Coloring with chalk. I did give her more colors than just red; we only talked about red, though. Ladybugs, roses, hearts, apples, cherries, etc. 

Someone is a little OCD about chalk organization.  

After dinner, Ella retrieved all the red blocks from her bag. 

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