Monday, September 22, 2014

There-is-more-to-life-than-just-blue week

Due to Ella's tendency to answer the question "What color is this?" with a simple and heartbreaking "blue", I decided she maybe didn't understand what colors are. 

She knows the names of colors and you will hear her say yellow, orange, and purple admits her rambling but I'm not sure she understands they are names of colors. 

So - a broader focus this week. But first, let's destroy mommy's kitchen. Don't worry, we wash all Tupperware before we use it: 

Then I tackled Ella's bedroom closet. I've been terrible about keeping Ella's clothes organized as she has outgrown them, so I went through and pulled out newborn, 0-3 months clothes, and swaddling blankets, etc. 

Now to wash it all. 

Ella's finished closet: 

Ella destroyed her room while I cleaned: 

Now onto school! 
Find the correct colored button on the guitar: 

Playing with our (free) colorful abucus: 

Building colorful towers. I started building each tower but would ask her to go get green blocks and add them to the green tower. She nailed it for each color!!! 

Thanks Madi & Aubrey for sharing your toys! 

More block play. I was asking the colors of the blocks, starting with red. I asked her what color it was, cringe already forming on my face as I prepaired to hear "blue". However, with great confidence, and frankly some sass, she said "red"! Yippeee!!!! 

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