Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another flight with Ella

Yesterday Ella and I flew up to NH for a sweet friend's wedding this weekend. Since this will be the last time Ella can fly free before the big 0-2, we decided to make a long weekend out of the trip. 

To get our energy out before our flight we enjoyed the completely empty "Kidsport"! 


Watching planes out the window: 

She did great on the plane! I'm so blessed with a cheerful flier. Originally we were sitting next to a (very pleasant) man, but the second the doors closed he popped up and jumped over to the empty row to our right. So Ella ended up with her own seat. :) 

I wasn't really looking forward to splitting 1 seat between myself, a bouncy 21 month old and my extremely kicky 7 month belly. 

So what did we do to entertain ourselves? EAT! 

I opened this container of puffs when we boarded (approx. 5:11 PM). When we landed at 7:03 PM, there were only 28 puffs left in the container...

Ella is a big fan of the seat-back tray: 

When she got tired of moving the puffs around her tray and back-and-forth between our two trays she tried out a new eating method. 

Step 1: fill shoe. Step 2: pour into mouth.

Then we had a few minutes of obligatory staring at the guy behind us. 

The view of Boston as we landed: 

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  1. I love her pigtails!!! She is so adorable....I miss the both of you! Hope you have a great trip.