Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chevron Quilt Begun

I made a quilt for Ella and loved it. I know she doesn't understand the labor of love right now, and maybe never will, but I cherished making it for her and it will always bring joy to my heart when I see it. So...I decided to make one for Evelyn as well. 

We are 10 weeks out (although if history repeats itself, I'll be able to sneak in an 11th week) let's see if I can complete it before she arrives! 

Previously I had picked out the fabric. Period. End of progress. 

Today I finally got my butt in gear. I ironed the fabric, decided on the quilt size, cut my necessary strips of fabric, sewed together sections of two strips, and ironed the seams on those sections.

Fabric strips: 

I'm using this tutorial for a finished chevron product. She does such a great job walking through each step that there is no reason for me to detail all of that. 

I laid out my pattern. The trick: I didn't want 2 chevrons touching, 2 polka dots touching or the two corals together. 

According to the tutorial, (http://pinterest.com/pin/153263193544111594/you then lay out two strips of each fabric. I ended up removing the last few rows (up to the last coral chevron print) because it seemed like the quilt was going to be way too long. We will see how it turns out - I can always add more rows. 

You can see that I sewed them together in chunks of 2: 

Now I need to cut my squares out and get my chevron brain on. I did a test a few weeks back and matching up the fabric correctly was definitely the most challenging part for me. 

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