Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Red Week Days 2 & 3

We continue to work in the color red. Daddy and Ella sported red on Tuesday: 

Games on Tuesday: 
Find the red dice: 

Coloring with red crayons and colored pencil: 

Finding the red squares on the quilt: 

Finding the red objects: (yippee for my first laminating project!) 

This actually proved a little too challenging so we removed the other colors and just focused on the red objects. 

Wednesday, Ella and I were the red crew. (Although these are her Jammies). 

Ella's first braid: 

This morning we went to story time at the Cranberry Library. It was our first time, they did a really good job with it; 2 books a bunch of songs and a craft. There were close to 30 toddlers there. Ella was definitely overwhelmed. She didn't want to participate in any song hand motions or dancing. 

She rarely left my lap; I'll have to work hard to keep taking her so she gets to be around the kids more. 

They handed out hand bells - we got a RED one! 

Then for the craft of a colored pasta bracelet, we again did RED! 

When we got home, we had our first picnic lunch on the deck! Yippee Daddy!!!

More coloring with red. My new favorite coloring trick is taping down a few sheets of paper together to help protect the floor. 

Red finger painting (a first for us) after dinner:

Red mustache:

Then we finished up the day with a red bath. I bought water tablets at a yardsale recently (50 cents) so I dyed the water red, added some red balloons and only left in her other red bath toys. The balloons were a huge hit! 

The water didn't stain Ella, the tub, or anything else. :)

Who doesn't love a clean baby? (In RED jammies, none the less). 

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