Thursday, September 25, 2014

Current Cuteness

Aside from all the "learning" Ella's been doing about her colors - insert hilarious laughter - she has started a few new precious habits. 

Whenever she sneezes, we say, "God bless you." Ella has started saying it back to us when we sneeze. Yesterday, she was in the other room when she sneezed and I didn't say anything. Then I heard, "Momma, Bless you", guess I wasn't responsive enough for her.  :)

Ella has started to pray before meals, and she loves it. She folds her hands with a huge smile and says, "Jesus. I love you. Amen." 

She has also started saying "thank-you". 95% of the time she is using it correctly, but the other 5% is just hilarious. 

- just now we are playing outside. I'm sitting on the deck and she climbed up next to me and puts a pile of dirt on the stair. She looks up and says "thank-you!"

- she runs to get us towels after we wash our hands. When she hands you the towel she says "thank-you", not sure yet if she is reminding us to have better manners. :) 

- "Go get your animals, El, it's time for bed." "Thank-you" :) 

We have a Spanish/English memory game that we have started to play with. It has two pictures of each item, one description in Spanish, the other in English. She does really well finding the matches. However, whenever she finds the daddy or the mommy, she puts them together as a pair rather than two mommies or two daddies! My the way we live our lives teach her more about Godly principles than just this! 

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