Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ALL the colors days #2&3

I have to say I've been pretty bad at color week this week - I am still sick, but I've been lame. 

We have had gorgeous weather, so we have been playing with chalk and talking about the colors. No new pictures - because how many pictures of a kid playing with chalk can you take? 

On Tuesday, I hung up 2 more paint chip rainbows in the house. The more she sees it, maybe the more it will stick? 

I'll give her objects and ask her to match them against the paint chips and she will run over and place the object up against the correct color. 

We pulled out the rest of the color flash cards I laminated a few weeks back. She loves them and will gather all 6 of each color up when I ask her. 

On Tuesday we also went to the fabric store to buy backing, binding, and stuffing for Evelyn's quilt. We talked about fabric colors as well as paper colors. I found the perfect paper for my "waves" I want to put on the nursery wall. [Ocean theme]

On Wednesday we went back to story time at the Cranberry library. Once again it was packed! Ella stood up twice when the teacher asked the kids to (and sat down 10 seconds later) and then two other times unprompted - progress!

No less than 30% of the little girls are named "Ella"...ugg! 

The craft this week was a fall wreath. Something I definitely would not do at home; too much prep/clean up AND glue! Ella loved the glue stick - which caused the tissue paper to stick to her hands, not the wreath. :)

Final product: 

We got some new library books - helping to work on our colors: 

And these two about Ella the elephant, we obviously had to grab! 

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