Friday, September 12, 2014

Potty Training Day One

**This post is meant to serve primarily as resource for me when I train my other kids. I know only my mom is going to read this!**

I start potty training today with Ella. [10 days shy of 22 months]. Last night I got a little sick to my stomach as I packed away diapers. This morning I woke up SLIGHTLY excited. 

I think Ella is ready, she has shown great interest and excitement over the big girl potty. 

My goal today: no tears (from me) and hopefully only 4 pairs of undies (for Ella). 

The tools:
Panties, this girl loves Elmo:

The reward: hugs, high fives, and jelly beans: 

Fun activities in the kitchen so staying on the wood floor seems exciting: 
Coloring station all taped down:

Living room covered with blankets: 

The bathroom: 

Cleaning supplies: 

Momma & Ella 7:45. Potty training begins: 

I opted for shirts and socks for Ella only. 

Timer set for a dry undies check: 

9:15 - 
No accidents, but no success either. We have sat on the potty 4 times and had two successful dry undies checks (with treats, of course). 

Keeping ourselves occupied: 

10:21 - first accident, still no successful potty use. Since 9:15 we sat on the potty twice and had two dry undies checks. 

We sat from 9:03-9:19, and she peed 2 minutes later...luckily on the wood floor. 

Since we just peed, I figured this was our best window to venture into the carpeted living room. We are sitting on a doggy training pee pad on a blanket on the floor with snack (and beverages). This Daniel Tiger episode where he goes potty was what she watched before she went on the potty 2 weeks ago. 

11:45 - no more accidents, no success. 2 more times on the potty. One clean undie check. Lunch and (praise The Lord) nap (with a pull up). This momma was getting weary! 

Ella napped until 2:15 and woke up with wet pull up. Round 2: 

We sat on the potty - she screamed (at least the goal was for no years from me!).

We made our way to our reading tent (blocking access to the living room). 

And, 2nd pee accident at 2:35. 

After our post-nap meltdown - it was evident no one was having fun, so a little adjustment in routine. 

I increased dry undie checks to every 15 minutes and made a bigger deal about touching her undies to check if they were dry. I still only sat her on the potty every 30 minutes though. I started giving her a jelly bean after sitting on the potty for 15 minutes (I started to think she was afraid of it for some reason). 

Playing with Dice towers: 

We had 4 dry undies checks and sat for 2 15-minute segments. At 4:25, 3rd pee accident. Ugg! Another Daniel Tiger break because I needed a mental break! 

Sat on potty from 5-5:20. Learned Ella doesn't like licorice or cinnamon jelly beans. Haha! 

4th accident at 5:27. After clean up, Ella was very cuddly and hiding her face in my neck, which is very unusual. 

Daddy home at 5:40 with Mad Mex for dinner! Ella pushed for a stinky at 5:45 and 6:05. No luck, yet, but no stinky on my floor either! :) 

6:35 - stinky. IN HER PANTS! 

6:38 - in jammies going to bed! 

Laundry started, floors cleaned, this momma is pooped, pun intended. 

The kitchen aftermath: 

Absolutely no success on the first day; but keeping her occupied and on the wood floor wasn't as hard as I expected. 

Glad I started on a Friday so I have Josh around for the next two days so I don't quit yet! 

Day #1 undie count - 5.


  1. You are one AWEOSME mommy!!! Love all your supplies and fun to keep E occupied. Especially the dark chocolate! ;) Stay strong ... And I read your blogs... :p

  2. I read them too ;) Although I read them more when you post the links on facebook hehe! Jealous of your fun times with E! Cherish the moments :)